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1st January 2015

10th December - Update with recent activities.

13th November - Very small addition.

8th November - Small update.

2nd November - Photographic and other update here.

28th October - Good News

27th October - An update with photos from a day out yesterday.

24th October - A small update with a couple of recent images and a bit of typo correction.

20th October - A small update to show a couple of photographs from not long after I had arrived in Llandudno.

19th October - Small update with a couple of Poppy photo’s.

11th October - Update to the blog and Shopping pages.

9th October - Blog updated.

2nd October - Blog update with an interesting photo.

30th September - News

30th September - A small update with the latest Gina photos and other news.

29th September - An update to add the shopping section to the web site.

10th September - A quick update with Gina progress and other things here.

4th September - The first update for September.

29th August - The final update for this month.

27th August - Special celebratory blog update today.

13th August - Small update added.

12th August - Quick update of things I missed out yesterday and correction of typos.

11th August - Quite a large update today with photos added to a few of the galleries and new ones created.

18th July - Small update to the blog.

27th May - Small update to blog here.

25th May - An uploaded blog detailing the shots taken during the airshow and others.

16th May - I have updated the blog with links to a selection of photographs taken while on holiday in South Africa during March.

9th April - A set of photographs taken by Ali during our recent holiday in South Africa can be found here.

8th April - Small update with happenings of yesterday.

7th April - Blog update with latest news.

Happy Birthday ALI, love you. Tony

8th March - A lot of news this update, some good and some not so good, but such is life. 

11th February - Just a small update blog with some interesting photographs and some information on my travels.

2nd February - A few birdie photos and a bit of spiel can be found in the update to the blog here.

30th January - Small update to blog with some photographs of Llandudno Prom.

22nd January - Continued the updated blog from yesterday here.

21st January 2015 - Blog and lots of photographs updated/added to the site. I will update the blog again tomorrow as it is getting too late now.

19th November - Blog update, and some preparation for 2015.

16th November - Blog update (small) and some photographs from Mozambique added to the gallery.

13th October - Blog updated.

20th September - Blog updated.

18th August - Blog supporting the Llandudno Lifeboat boathouse planning application.

17th August - My final blog update before returning to Mozambique.

15th August - a large update to the blog and photo galleries.

1st August - Blog updated.

22nd July - Blog updated.

11th July - Blog updated.

8th July - At long last I have got around to modifying the blog page so that every blog is held within its own yearly folder. This means that every blog for 2014 for instance can be viewed just be scrolling down through the page.

4th July - A large update today with lots of bird photo’s and views in the local scenery towards the beach. Links can be found here in the Blog.

17th June - Blog updated.

9th June - Blog updated.

5th June - Plenty of news and links to gallery updates in the Blog.

30th May - Blog updated with photos taken during the past week.

22nd May - A couple of photographs added to the Mozambique gallery.

21st May - Blog updated.

11th May - Blog updated with links to various galleries and news.

1st May - Blog updated with links to recent photos.

14th April - Blog updated and a photo added to the PnP section.

13th April - Blog updated. Added photos to Birds gallery and to the PnP gallery.

6th April - Updated blog.

3rd April - Just a quick update to the Blog.

28th March - I have updated the ‘My gear’ section along with the little bit ‘About me. I have also updated the blog.

9th March - Finally I have got around to updating the web site. See the new blog here.

12th February - Blog updated.

11th February - Blog updated and a photo from the Kings Head cheese night on Sunday added to the PnP section.

10th February - Some PnP photos can be found here and a new blog has been added here.

5th January - Update to PnP section. 2013 blogs moved to 2013 folder.

1st January - Happy New Year to everybody. The blog has been updated and includes a link to the latest bird picture.

27th December - More bugs added to the gallery.

25th December - I have updated one of the bug photos with a better shot and added a second shot of this bug looking vertically upwards from below towards what I think is the front end.

24th December - A big upload today. The blog has been updated here and the 'Bugs of Mozambique' gallery can be found here. Some other interesting photos and facts can be found here.

21st December - Names of pubs in Manchester added after consultation with Phil.

20th December - Photos of Zurich uploaded to photographs album. 

16th December - Blog updated and photos added to the PnP section from Manchester on my trip back to Mozambique.

9th December - Cheshire Cat added to side bar and minor typo’s from yesterday corrected. Contacts & Links updated with Shootingtheworld.com.

8th December - Blog update, PnP updated.

23rd November - Blog and sidebar updated,

13th November - Blog updated.

8th November - Blog updated and photographs uploaded to Mozambique gallery.

26th October - Blog update and YouTube links moved to here.

25th October - Blog updated.

20th October - Blog updated and two birds added to the birds gallery.

14th October - Blog updated and some photos from Zurich added here.

11th October - Final blog before I return to the contract in Mozambique.

10th October - Blog updated with happenings of the past week and photos added to Gwydyr Walks gallery and the PnP section. 

3rd October - Three photos added to the PnP section.

3rd October - Updated the blog with a walk from yesterday and added a new photo gallery of walks in the Gwydyr Forest.

1st October - Updated blog with photos from our round trip train journey of Saturday.

26th September - A new blog entry and updates to the descriptions of the Mozambique photo gallery

22th September - A new gallery of photographs from Mozambique added here.

19th September - A quick update to the blog, more to follow.

1st July - Added Orchid photos to Haulfre Gardens gallery. Added photo to Birds gallery. Updated blog with latest news on project in Mozambique.

30th June - Blog updated.

21st June - Blog updated.

21st June - Added a photo of a Bee Orchid to the macro section of the gallery. Thanks to Dennis Oliver for letting us know that they have finally come into flower.

19th June - Uploaded blog with recent doings and added photos to the Music at Kings Head gallery from yesterdays session in the sunshine.

12th June - Photos added to the PnP's section, of people enjoying the music outside the Kings Head yesterday.

12th June - Photos added to Music at the Kings head gallery, from the session yesterday afternoon.

11th June - Photos in galleries updated to be retina optimised.

10th June - Blog updated.

8th June - Queen of Hearts photo added to the sidebar.

8th June - Blog added to regarding the woodpeckers.

6th June - Woopecker gallery updated with todays pictures.

5th June - Woopecker gallery updated with todays pictures.

5th June - Woopecker gallery  updated with yesterdays pictures.

3rd June - Put previous months Blogs in seperate folders.

3rd June - Uploaded a new gallery of Woodpecker shots taken over the past two days.

27th May - Blog updated with photo of RAF rescue  helicopter showing disturbance in the air behind it.

26th May - A new gallery added of Plas Newydd gardens.

26th May - Uploaded new photographs of the Llandudno lifeboat taken during the Llandudno airshow.

23rd May - Photo added to Haulfre Gardens section of photographs gallery

20th May - Inga and Carole added to PnP's page.

17th May - Electrical problem added to the blog pages.

17th May - 5 Photos from a "Boys Day Out" at the Kinmel Arms added to the PnP's section.

15th May - Style change and Keith & Carole Campbell added to PnP's

14th May - Photo of Great Spotted Woodpecker added to birds section.

14th May - Dennis Oliver photographs of the lifeboat on exercise uploaded to the guest section.

13th May - Macro photographs page added to photographs section.

12th May - Tintern Abbey added to the photographs gallery.

12th May - PnP's photos updated.

12th May - Blog updated with details from our south Wales visit.

8th May - First ever macro shot added to blog for today.

8th May - Updated with photos of John Les and friends playing outside the Kings Head yesterday.

7th May - Added description to the PnP's photographs.

6th May - Photos added to the PnP's page.

5th May - Llandudno Lifeboat added to photo gallery.

5th May - Updated home page and changed the photo.

5th May - Day 1 of Extravangaza added to Blog and Photo gallery.

3rd May - About me section updated.

3rd May - Great Orme Tram added to Photo Gallery.

1st May - Photos from Blaenau Ffestiniog added to gallery.

1st May - Names added to some Birds in Iraq gallery.

The Great Orme: A limestone headland that juts out into the Irish sea at the mouth of the Conwy river.

I feel privileged to live on the Great Orme where I have enjoyed the past 27 years.

The "Queen of Welsh Resorts"; Llandudno is on our doorstep and the Great Orme Nature Reserve & Country Park is directly behind us.

Snowdonia is just a short distance away and the opportunities for photography are endless.

This website will serve as a showcase of the photographs that I take for my own pleasure as well as that of my family and friends.

I have a wide range of photographic interests from landscape, to birds, to macro, to quirky shots of interesting things.

I will add to this website on a regular basis and I hope that you the visitor will find something here to stimulate and entertain and that as a result you will return with anticipation.

Check the latest updates section, to see what has been added recently.

© Tony Davies 2016